Newborns (6 days - 5/6 weeks)

The first few weeks with your newborn are so precious. I use natural textures and colours to capture the joy of this special time.

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Babies (4 months to a Year)

Babies grow so fast. My Baby sessions offer natural style portraiture, which aims to capture the character and developmental changes of your little one. You can get lovely photos of baby's on their tummy's at 4 months and lying on their back reaching for their toes. At 6 - 8 months you can get great pictures of baby's sitting and at this stage they are really starting to interact with the world around them.

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Family Photo Shoots

My family photo shoots are for all ages, family photographs capture milestones or special moments in our lives, that go by all too quickly.

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6 month old Baby Photo Shoot

This 6 month old baby photo shoot with Ava, was a joy to do. Ava’s big sister 3 year old Amy joined in too and we got lovely photos of the both of them. 6 months is such a lovely age, babies are very expressive and Ava was so smiley! She even woke up smiling.

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red sledge with teddy and baby

Etsy Shop Digital Backdrops

Here are the digital backdrops I’ve created over the last month. I’ve used a few for myself, for my own galleries, and I’m sure I will be using the red sledge Christmas backdrops very soon! (My Christmas Shoots start in September.) I’m updating and adding to my Etsy shop each week, and I’m really enjoying the process.

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9906 azari

Newborn Photo Shoot with Azari

A wonderful newborn photo shoot, with the lovely Azari. I’ve been photographing this family for the past couple of years and they’re all great. The oldest Jai even helps me out, and a very good photography assistant he is too! Azari slept the entire shoot, so we were able to achieve quite a few poses. I

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arlo 2

Newborn images in my newborn bowl.

Sometimes with newborns, it takes a while to find a position they really like, this was Arlo’s whether in the bowl or in his Mum’s hands. They certainly let you know when they are comfortable and when they are not! This bowl is fairly small and I’ve had some newborns that I know are not

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Pricing_Spread - newborn model callpsd

Newborn Model Shoot…

Newborn Model needed I’m looking for a newborn model that must be under 9 days old for a shoot next week (either Tuesday or Thursday). I need images for competitions, to update my website and for display on etsy. You would need to sign a model release form. But you would have a free session

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Etsy Shop, Digital Backdrops So digital backgrounds seem to be becoming quite a big thing in the photography world. I have a studio and figured that whilst it isn’t being used for paying shoots I could create some digital backdrops of my own. Both, to use for myself and to sell. I have, over the past five years amassed

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cullens seewooruttuns

Outdoor Photo Shoot in Mells

So I’ve had quite an eclectic week of shoots – i’ve had family shoots, including another 11 people in for a group family shoot. A newborn shoot, photographing a beautiful fabric artwork before it goes off to exhibition and outdoor shoots on Saturday. This is one from Saturday afternoon, I love this because the kids

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It has been a busy few weeks, lots of newborns and family shoots, thank you. Me and Darren are now off to Devon for a few days, hopefully we will be able to get some good landscape shots (if the weather is kind to us!) I will respond to any emails and fb messages as soon

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