Newborns (6 days - 5/6 weeks)

The first few weeks with your newborn are so precious. I use natural textures and colours to capture the joy of this special time.

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Babies (4 months to a Year)

Babies grow so fast. My Baby sessions offer natural style portraiture, which aims to capture the character and developmental changes of your little one. You can get lovely photos of baby's on their tummy's at 4 months and lying on their back reaching for their toes. At 6 - 8 months you can get great pictures of baby's sitting and at this stage they are really starting to interact with the world around them.

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Family Photo Shoots

My family photo shoots are for all ages, family photographs capture milestones or special moments in our lives, that go by all too quickly.

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So, I love photography, my hobby is taking photographs of landscapes, and my holidays are spent photographing, and my job is photographing babies and families. It’s my passion but also when things are stressful or difficult my camera is what I reach for. I wanted to go out and take some pictures of bluebells and I

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keepsake box

Keepsake Prints

Introducing a new product! I wanted to offer a product that would be something you could physically show… I know its lovely to show the baby pictures from phones or ipads, but I wanted something archival that you could actually hold, and would last years and years. So I came up with this, its a

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texa 8 months

8 month old Baby Shoot

This is lovely Texa’s third shoot with me. Her first was as a newborn, her second at 4 months old and her third at 8 months old is her sitting shoot. She wasn’t sure of the camera initially, but when her sister started joining in she was fine. We got some great pictures, mainly sitting,

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outdoor photography afvert

Outdoor Photo Shoots…

I started outdoor shoots last year, and I really enjoyed them. They are different, they are scary in that everything changes constantly… the light, the scenery, the kids run faster than me! But in saying all that I love the freedom, both for the children and for me. In the studio I’m creating the images from

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Toddler Photo Shoot..

Aww Millie, I’ve photographed her since a newborn and this was her last baby shoot. It makes me sad when they finish, because it’s amazing seeing this little bundle of joy bought in and then by the end of the three shoots they are a little person! I photographed another newborn today and I’ll be on the

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19th of August… Outdoor Shoots

In the last couple of years I have been asked (a lot) if I do outdoor shoots. My answer has always been no, my studio was really busy and there really wasn’t time & I didn’t like the idea of photographing outside with changing light, unpredictable weather, the list goes on. Then i started to really

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